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So Silver Online Terms and Conditions Notice July 2014

So Silver is operated by AJ Murmacs Pty Ltd (ABN 80 119 263 461). Each member of this website agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

In these Terms and Conditions:

“Membership” means member of So Silver.
Membership Application” means the application form that is filled out by you to request a Membership.
Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions concerning the website as amended from to time.
You” and “your” refer to the Member. “We”, “our” and “us” refer to So Silver, or if the case may require AJ Murmacs Pty Ltd acting for and on behalf of So Silver.
Business Day” means a week day on which trading banks are open for the transaction of banking in Devonport, Tasmania.

In these Terms and Conditions and correspondence regarding the So Silver online store, references to a member will apply to online members.


The information that you have provided on the website is your personal information and is necessary for us to collect in order for you to make purchases online. We have a privacy policy which is available on this website which tells you what information we will collect and how it will be used. Please read the privacy policy to ensure that you understand and agree with its terms in relation to our collection and use of you personal information.


We will refund your purchase if item is faulty. We have a returns policy which is available on this website which tells you what information you need to know for returning faulty products to us. Please read the return policy to ensure that you understand and agree.

We ensure all photographs displayed on this website reflect as accurately as possible to the actual size of the products. Some products may appear larger or smaller than their actual size.

When purchasing products on this website you must pay for the product at the time, as there is no guarantee as to the availability of goods advertised for purchase in which case a representative will be in contact to discuss alternative options.   We hope to get all purchases delivered to you as soon as possible, we make no guarantee as to the delivery date as there may be weather delays etc.

So Silver Online Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to any person who visits or is currently a Member, or has been a Member or is seeking to be a Member of the So Silver online store.

This Privacy Notice contains important information regarding collection, use, disclosure, security and access of your Personal Information.

This Privacy Notice applies in addition to any other terms and conditions applicable to the websites terms.

We may amend this Privacy Notice as business requirements or the law changes. We therefore encourage you to refer to this Privacy Notice on an ongoing basis so that you understand our current privacy practices.

So Gold may amend this Privacy Notice as So Silver’s business requirements or the law changes.

The information (Personal Information) that we collect about you includes:

a) information provided by you whilst using the Website (such as your full name, date of birth, email address, residential address, delivery address, phone number, bank account details and other information that we may require from you); b) transactional information relating to payments to and from your account c) information that we may gain from other sources in connection with the website; d) information you may provide from time to time through contact with us whether via email or through discussions by telephone with our service representatives or other correspondence; e) information you provide to us to participate in competitions, promotions or surveys; f) information collected about you from third parties (for example, your change of address as provided to a postal authority); g) information you provide to us during the course of your contact with us on a matter, such as a compliment or a complaint or seeking information; and h) information collected from you by third party service providers.

We may collect your Personal Information for any or all of the following purposes:

a) to process, register and manage your Membership; b) to process, activate, fulfil and deliver your purchase; c) to manage and facilitate the deductions and payments to and from your nominated bank account including Direct Debit payment authorisations, Dishonour Fees and refunds; d) to administer your Membership and to provide you with benefits associated with the Membership; e) investigate matters relating to fraud and breach of the So Gold’s online Terms and Conditions; f) to provide you with customer service; g) to include you in, and administer a competition, promotion or survey; h) to comply with laws or regulations or any valid court order; i) to conduct market research and other forms of analysis (such as trend analysis, commonly asked questions asked by Customers or Members, that would be useful to So Silver in further developing the website); j) to provide you brochures and information about our special promotions, events, product launches and other special offers and discounts; and k) to improve and help us better tailor our product and service offering, including developing new products, services, promotional offers and shopping opportunities.

If you provide your email address or mobile telephone number to So Silver you consent to us using your email address to email you and/or your mobile telephone number to telephone or SMS you for any of the purposes listed above. All emails will be sent to the current email address as provided on you. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have access to this email account.

We may engage other persons or organisations (including without limitation, AJ Murmacs Pty Ltd, financial institutions such as banks, data analysis specialists, printers, marketing agencies, debt collectors, payment data processors, fraud detection agencies, statement producers, data mail houses, data processing organisations, market researchers, supply chain administrators, logistics service providers, delivery companies, credit check companies, and specialist call centres) to assist us in carrying out the above purposes; some of these third parties may be located overseas.

Your Personal Information may be disclosed to those third parties for the purposes set out above and, in carrying out the purpose, such third parties may contact you directly. In some circumstances, these third parties may disclose Personal Information they collected from you back to us for one or more of the purposes already mentioned. We will hold and use all personal data collected from such persons or organisations about you in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

Any third party with which we share your Personal Information (including those located overseas) will be obligated to use that Personal Information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Notice.

If you do not provide the Personal Information requested, we will be unable to perform the above tasks and you may not be able to purchase from our website.

We have in place measures to safeguard and secure your Personal Information from unauthorised access, misuse, modification and disclosure while your Personal Information stored or transmitted by us.

Other Privacy Information

You are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your password and any account information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you are using the internet and when accessing Personal Information from the website.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal details that we hold are up to date and complete.  You may access, update or correct your Personal Information by contacting: [email protected] or 64232144

We will need to confirm your identity before we can provide you with access to Personal Information when contacting us; this may involve you answering some security questions. In some circumstances where you require access to your Personal Information, we may ask you to apply in writing.

Where you provide or request Personal Information via email, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have access to that email address and to maintain its security (i.e. do not pass your personal details to someone else). Emails will only be sent to the email address provided on your Membership.

We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee to cover retrieval costs (where applicable) for Personal Information requests in the event of a complex or comprehensive request for access.

Website Password details where you have forgotten your password, you will be given a ‘password reminder’ after verification of your identity. We do not distribute passwords via telephone or email.

We have in place procedures for dealing with customer complaints regarding our handling of Personal Information. If you have any complaints about the handling of your Personal Information by us, please provide your complaint in writing to So Silver, Privacy Officer, Shop 10 Hub Arcade, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, [email protected]

If you have any questions or concerns with respect to our Privacy Notice, please feel free to contact us.